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Construction of commercial projects, like parking lots, is important. Giving vehicular access to employees and customers allows the business to aim for its goals. But a poorly designed parking lot can cause trouble. Hence, you need to make some considerations before building or revamping a parking lot. Carry on reading for tips on ensuring durable parking lot design.

Considerations for a Parking Lot Design

Some factors you should consider before you design a parking lot are:

1. Purpose

First, think about the purpose your parking lot will serve. For instance, will it be a parking location for a retail business? In that case, it will be crowded with busy shoppers, especially on the weekends. Or will it be a space for large shipments?

Once you identify the purpose, it will help with the size, thickness, and parking lot layout.

2. Parking lot Dimensions

The dimension of a commercial parking lot can vary depending on cities, building types, and industries. But these can help you determine the dimension of your parking lot:

  • The parking spaces that fall within building code requirements and industry recommendations.
  • The reason people will be using it’ll help you determine the slot size. Like for grocery stores, it’ll need to be wider.
  • Consider the additional space you’ll need for the disabled, vans, walkways, and more.
  • If your parking lot serves any other purpose, design it accordingly to make it a safe and accessible space.

3. Creating Flow

The most functional parking lot design for your business will depend on a bunch of factors. To create a safe and optimized space, keep these in mind:

  • Space Efficiency
  • Traffic Signs
  • Paintings on the Pavement
  • Parking Barriers

4. Safety & Security

As crucial as considering traffic flow is, you need to be careful about how these factors in your parking lot design:

  • Drainage Provisions
  • Access Ramps or Changes in Elevation
  • Proper Lighting

5. Additional Features

The safety concerns of your parking space are crucial. But that doesn’t mean you overlook the additional factors, like:

  • Landscape Design
  • Barrier Gates
  • Emergency Call Stations

You can add more features to your parking space, upgrading it to the best design based on the purpose. You can choose the best parking lot design. To keep it at its best, ensure that the space is well-maintained in the future.

6. Long-Term Care & Maintenance

Your parking lot should be designed with the best materials and equipment, as they tend to wear over time. Therefore, it will need regular care and maintenance for durability.

Wind, water, dripping oil, and UV rays can affect your parking lot. But regularly sealcoating it will help prevent damage. Moreover, deal with any problematic areas immediately. This way, you won’t have to face further damages that may occur in the future.

What Should I Do?

When it comes to parking lot design, many factors should be considered. From materials to purpose to security, do not skip any details. Otherwise, your commercial parking lot might face the consequence in the future. Our skilled team at Q Recycling & Construction Services can help build the best parking lot for you. We’re only a few digits away at (832) 263-0152.

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