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The ground is filled with many natural materials other than soil, some of which can make it unsuitable as a base for the construction of a foundation. Continue reading the blog and find out the main reasons why groundwork is essential for a durable foundation.

How a good earthwork helps with the construction of a strong foundation:

Earthwork is the use of bulldozers, excavators, graders, and other machinery, for digging and removal of large quantities of rocks and mud. It is done by excavating the area, removing soil, transporting waste and developing the exterior for the purpose of preparing the land for construction. Such preparation makes building, of a firm foundation, easier and more functional.

Uniform spread of load transfer:

Gravity load transfer, refers to the process by which the weight of a building is transferred down through the structural components to the ground. By removing rocks in the soil and filling of holes and pits in the ground -something that is called backfilling- the soil is leveled and and made flat, which provides a smooth base for a foundation.

Anchor for the mass of building:

A foundation made on a leveled ground gives the structure the lateral force resisting system it needs, also known as lateral stability. Through this, the structure is constructed to be able to resist strong winds and seismic loading, making it resilient to forces of natural disasters, such as storms and earthquakes.

Erupt soil movement:

Erosion, the process by which soil and rock particles are worn away and moved elsewhere by gravity, or by other factors like wind, water or ice. Houston is infamous for its history with natural disasters and fierce climate, floods being a normal occurrence for the residents. However, such a natural disaster can cause sheet erosion -removal of soil in thin layers- which can make landslides possible. To avoid such a calamity, and the huge legal and financial costs which would follow, earthwork done by a professional is essential. Our team of experts, at Q Recycling & Construction Services, with years of experience in the construction industry, can provide you with an up to the standard groundwork, for the base of any foundation.

Closing Remark:

Earthwork, which some people consider to be not so important, is something that plays a vital role in the construction of a sturdy foundation without any obstacles. We, at Q Recycling & Construction Services, with our team of qualified personnels, can provide you with the security of a well done groundwork, for the foundation of your structure, leaving you with nothing but satisfaction and ease of mind. Here we offer you the assurance of dependability, experience, and competitive pricing, so look no further and contact us at (832) 263-0152.

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