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When you hear the word demolition, what comes to your mind? Destruction and chaos right? However that is not the case at all. In most cases demolition is done when the building has become hazardous and too dangerous to be used.

It makes way for new development like old buildings and stadiums that are not used can be demolished to make new ones. There are plenty of facts about demolition that people don’t really take into consideration. Here are some facts that will blow your mind:

Controlled Demolition techniques

In certain structures, mostly explosive demolition is used. However in most cases commercial demolition applies controlled techniques.

This basically involves strategic planning and calculated removal of structural components in a perfect way to ensure safety, minimizing the damage. It includes the use of heavy machinery like excavators and high-reach demolition machines to knock down buildings.

The crew must also abide by the rules and regulations to make sure that the public and other areas are blocked off.

Materials are recycled and repurposed

Demolition projects are mostly carried out on residential and commercial structures or buildings. Which means that the buildings most of the time have materials that can be recycled and reused.

Demolition contractors use it to their advantage. On the contrary they also have to follow strict guidelines to reduce the impact it has on the surroundings, which includes recycling materials as mentioned above, proper waste disposal and airborne particles to prevent pollution.

Let me tell you something interesting, nearly 75% of non-hazardous material and debris is recycled and often repurposed.

Different demolition methods

You might not be aware but demolition has various methods. There are 4 main methods that are commonly used which are “High Reach Arm demolition”, “Crane & Ball Demolition”, “Selective Demolition”, and “Implosion Demolition”.

Here is a summary of each method:

  • High-reach arm demolition is done by using machineries that have long arms to demolish buildings at a height of more than about 66 feet.
  • Crane and ball demolition is the most common method, in which a wrecking ball weighing 1300 to 1400 pounds, is used to dismantle buildings by swinging or dropping it.
  • Selective demolition basically involves removal of portions of buildings while protecting the structure to take out the reusable materials for recycling and then repurposing them for future use.
  • Implosion demolition is the strategic planning of placing explosive materials around the structure and then detonating it so that the structure collapses.

Noise and Vibration control

Demolition makes a significant amount of noise and vibration that ends up disturbing the neighboring properties. Demolition contractors use different methods to minimize the noise and vibration, like they use specialized equipment and implement noise barriers.

Average time for demolition is one week

It may come as a surprise that an average time for demolition is one week. Smaller projects usually take 1-3 days. When it comes to demolishing houses, it usually takes up to 7 days (one week) to complete.
Many factors are to be taken in consideration like what type of demolition service should be used, or if there are any health risks that need to be dealt with beforehand. At times this can make the process longer, however it depends on the size of the structure.

Wrap Up

It is important to remember that when it comes to demolition, there is no compromise on safety. With Q Recycling & Construction, you can be rest assured. The experts will carefully consider which type of demolition is perfect for you and offer the best services. Call us now at (832) 263-0152.

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