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We’re all excited when we move into a new house, and since it is a big structure with many components — it’s hard to keep up with all the problems that arise. You might be occupied with the kitchen, interior, plumbing, and other issues to pay attention to the foundation issues. These are the issues that may look benign but are not. In fact, you should take immediate action to fix the problems; otherwise, your house could face a lot of damage. But what are the signs of foundation issues? Carry on reading to find out.

How to Spot the Signs of Foundation Issues?

Any weakness or damage in the foundation, no matter the type of building construction, can affect your house since it supports the entire structure. Typically, the soil and dirt around or underneath the building are the sources of the problem. The soil expands as it collects water, and too much expansion can affect the structure of our home. This is because it will put pressure and cause structural damage to your property, leading to further problems.

Some signs of foundation issues are:

1. Drywall Has Diagonal Cracks

A diagonal crack in your drywall could indicate that there is some sort of problem going on with the foundation. Unlike a vertical crack, a zigzag crack might appear when the foundation is unstable. Moreover, increasing cracks over time are not something to neglect.

2. Exterior Windows & Walls Have Gaps Between Them

If the foundation of your house is shifting, it can pull the walls away from the doors and windows. The resulting gap allows bugs and moisture in the created space, potentially causing additional structural problems. Although the process is gradual, gaps between exterior windows and walls due to an unstable foundation are pretty dangerous.

3. Building Appears Imbalanced

A settling foundation can make one side of your building seem lower than the other. If you’ve noticed a dip, even if tiny, you should consult a professional right away. Before you know it, the small dip could increase over time.

4. Structures Detach from the Wall

When the shifting foundation causes deleveling of your home’s floors and walls, it can detach the things that used to be firmly attached to the wall. For example, if you see static structures like cabinets and counters separating from the wall, it could be due to the foundation issue. Knowing the signs of foundation issues can help you take timely action.

5. Chimney Starts Cracking

Imbalance in the foundation or excessive moisture can lead to a bracket, broken, and – in some cases – a completely crooked chimney. Check your chimney for confirmation, as this sign might be easy to miss.

6. Wall or Floor has Cracks

Hairline cracks or minor cracks in paint aren’t that big of a deal. However, some cracks could signify foundation problems. Here are some signs that a crack might be harmful:

  • Horizontal
  • 45-degree angle
  • More than eight inches in width
  • Wider at one end than the other

These characteristics could mean structural or foundational damage. Therefore, you must take care of them immediately to prevent greater problems.

7. Nails are Popping Out of Drywall

Nails pop out of drywall, which is not a problem if it occurs minimally. Nonetheless, you should call in a professional if you frequently spot nails popping out of the drywall.

8. Ceilings or Floors Are Warping

One of the signs of foundation issues is when your ceiling or floors start sagging down or warping up. This occurs when your house is settling or the building begins to compress. Furthermore, this issue is normally apparent on floors.

9. Basement Smells Musty

If there is an unpleasant or musty odor coming from your basement, it could be because of mildew growth. Tiny cracks in the foundation allow moisture, which leads to mildew problems. If this is the case, you must immediately get professional help for this bad foundation issue/

10. Wall Problems

Are your walls bowing in or pulling away from the house? If yes, call in a professional as soon as possible. This can indicate foundation issues, and the problem needs to be adjusted.

What Should I Do?

If you notice the signs of foundation issues, it is time to consult the experts. Q Recycling Construction Services offer the best civil services for you. Dial (832) 263-0152 to contact us.

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