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What once was a beautiful structure can become a burden, depending on what sort of mineral or rock has been used, which erodes gradually. So, what do you do with it? Demolishing old buildings or maintaining the building and their historic literature.

What Makes An Old Building “Historic?”

First and foremost, clarity should be made between “old buildings” and “historic buildings,” as they are not always identical.
An old building is just that, an old building with a deteriorating basic structure. In contrast, a historic building is an old building regarded worthy of preservation for its historical significance by the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP).
Historic buildings should cross 50 years and be significant to the community, state, or country in some way, shape, or form.
To become listed as a historic building.
Determining which buildings qualify as “historic” requires research from NRHP.
However, being listed does not necessarily protect a building from being demolished. Still, cities around the country are actively working to minimize demolitions of homes on the NRHP register.

Five Pros To Demolish An Old Building

1) Demolishing a property of historic value can be a challenge. However, sometimes, it’s the correct choice when the situation is unfavorable.

2) When the building is a threat to the public, removing it increases safety and property values.

3) If a historic building is a fire hazard, containing mineral that causes abrasion and other issues, demolishing it is in the public’s best interest.

4) Knocking down dangerous property increases the value of the properties around it.

5) When the land could be used for other community services, removing the building will give the city safety and purpose.
From a local park to a community garden, a modern housing society, or a high-rise building.

Four Cons To Demolish An Old Building

1) When the building has architectural value, that would be like removing a piece of history, as many people believe that demolishing a property of historical significance is wrong; once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.

2) If a historic property can be restored, it is preferable to demolish and rebuild it.

3) Once restored, a historic property can be used in a new way that benefits and enriches the community, like a museum, wedding venue, local attraction, etc.

4) Demolishing a historic structure is tough, and getting approval can be a headache process that’s met with opposition from those in favor of preserving historic buildings.

Final Takeaway

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